About us

Founded October of 2014, Cheyanne and her husband Ryan work together as a team to design and create beautiful Jewelry just for you. 

Cheyanne took her first jewelry making class in 2006 and instantly fell in love. After receiving her Liberal Arts Degree, she took classes at Rio Grande, New Mexico where she learned everything from Metal Forming to Casting.  She then attended Revere Jewelry Academy in San Francisco, were she became a Certified Jewelry Technician.  The opportunity to be taught by 4 Master Jewelers gave Cheyanne the education and skills she needed to move on as her own independent goldsmith.

Diamonds as her birthstone, she's attracted to the rarity of the stone and what it represents, a symbol of love and prosperity. Sunrise Shells are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, and are beautiful gems of the sea. Together the diamond and the sunrise shell, a logo designed and drawn by Ryan, represents Chey Jewels.